3 September 2018

Conditions of Attendance

Conditions of Entry

Covid Related Terms and Conditions

If the event is cancelled by the organising group prior to 5th of December you will receive full refund. An update is expected after the Government announcement scheduled for 29th November.

If the Alert Levels change after Dec 5th and we are unable to have Convergence we will need to retain 25% of the ticket price to help pay for the costs that Convergence has already committed to. This includes fresh food planted for the event and non-refundable deposits that have been paid. For ease and expedience of ticketing, and also to ensure quick refunds back to you, we ask that if possible, you pay for your tickets using a credit or debit card on the website.

Convergence can only go ahead at the Green or Orange under the new Covid-19 traffic light system and then only if proof of vaccination is provided prior to the event. In terms of alert levels and protocols we will be adhering to the New Zealand Ministry of Health Guidelines before, during, and after Convergence and we expect your active cooperation in this. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are not in alignment with these protocols.

If you are unwell prior to Convergence we ask that you stay at home until you are well again. If you become unwell during the event you may be asked to isolate, or to take a test, or to go elsewhere and return again when you are well. We anticipate setting up a health team on-site to support in this process.

We would like you to treat Convergence this year as a retreat and to bring all that you need with you so as to reduce the need for comings and goings off site. This keeps it safer for all who are on site. For those very few trips that do need to be taken off site we will have a Sign Out and Sign In board in the Welcome tent (which becomes the Tweens Tent once we kick off) for you to use.

We do have a contact tracing QR code for Convergence that you can use on arrival. We will have a record of everyone attending and their phone numbers from ticketing (which is now required by law).

We will have more focus on hand sanitation, including cleaning stations. Please bring a personal hand towel so that we are not transmitting viruses to each other via damp communal towels. Some other things in the way Convergence is set up will be a little different this year to help support safer interactions.

In terms of emotional safety we ask that you dig deep to find respectful ways to negotiate differing perspectives about the Covid-19 situation and associated impacts.

General Terms and Conditions

In alignment with true sharing Journeys End camp ground is an alcohol and drug free site. Like all camp sites it is also dog free.

It is a site at which all persons are honoured and respected at all times.

When taking photographs please ensure you have permission of all of those you are photographing, including all those in the background.

Every adult is asked to be responsible for their own safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of children in their care.

All participants are asked to arrive either on 27th December from noon onwards, or 28th December, ready for the Opening Ceremony on the morning of 29th December. Some may not be able to stay the entire time with us, we ask that you be present on 29th Dec for the opening ceremony and community building activities. Be there as we begin to form our community.  We want to avoid the dilution of energy that occurs when people are coming and going.

Convergence is a smoke-free event. For those that wish to, please smoke outside the camp site boundary.

There is no rubbish or recycling collection. Please take your rubbish and recycling with you when you leave the site. Do not leave any rubbish behind.

There is no need to exchange money for any services after the ticketing tent. 

Convergence is a co-created event

We thank you for assisting with set-up, and the daily activities associated with running the event including:

  • Meal preparation / clean-up
  • Serving Meals
  • Facilitation
  • Cleaning toilets / showers
  • Composting

We also thank you for helping with the pack-up after the event.

Convergence is a uniquely  co-created event where we strive to create community values of creative cooperation and collaboration. We are a family; a community. We ask that you be sensitive to the needs of yourself and others.

Some people choose to swim naked and occasional nudity will be seen elsewhere.