3 September 2018

Conditions of Attendance

Conditions of Entry

Covid Related Terms and Conditions

With COVID still very much present in the community it is almost inevitable that it will also be present at some stage at Journeys End. All attendees are expected to take responsibility for themselves and for the protection of others. Pre- and during-testing is encouraged, as will be removing oneself from the site if you test COVID positive or become ill (there is no way of isolating on-site). Please consider how you will protect yourself and others if you were to test positive mid-event. We aim to have a team of people willing to support anyone who tests positive (eg. driving a sick person off-site).

If you are unwell prior to Convergence we ask that stay at home until you are well again.

There are no COVID-related restrictions on attendance at Convergence at this stage. In the event of a COVID outbreak in NZ before the event starts, we will follow Ministry of Health guidelines.

In the event of a cancellation before 5th December a full refund will be provided. If cancelled after 5th December, 25% of the ticket price will be held back to cover costs and the remaining 75% refunded to you.

Ticketing Policy

A maximum of 200 tickets are available. Tickets are available online from 1st November until 20th December, unless the maximum sales have been reached prior to that date. Gate sales will only be available if the 200 limit has not been reached by 20th December.

You may cancel your registration before 20th December and receive a refund of your ticket price less $25. (After 20th December there is no ticketing support due to the Christmas break.)

General Terms and Conditions

In alignment with true sharing Journeys End camp ground is an alcohol and drug free site. Like all camp sites it is also dog free.

It is a site at which all persons are honoured and respected at all times.

When taking photographs please ensure you have permission of all of those you are photographing, including all those in the background.

Every adult is asked to be responsible for their own safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of children in their care.

All participants are asked to arrive on 27th December ready for the Opening Ceremony on the morning of 28th December. Some may not be able to stay the entire time with us, we ask that you be present on 28th Dec for the opening ceremony and community building activities. Be there as we begin to form our community.  We want to avoid the dilution of energy that occurs when people are coming and going.

Convergence is a smoke-free event. For those that wish to, please smoke outside the camp site boundary.

There is no rubbish or recycling collection. Please take your rubbish and recycling with you when you leave the site. Do not leave any rubbish behind.

There is no need to exchange money for any services after the ticketing tent. 

Convergence is a uniquely co-created event where we strive to create community values of creative cooperation and collaboration. It works only if everyone assists in the setup, pack down and daily activities necessary for running the event including:

  • Meal preparation / clean-up
  • Serving Meals
  • Facilitation
  • Daily housekeeping – cleaning toilets / showers, firewood, sauna maintenance etc
  • Composting
  • Packing up after the event

We are a family; a community. We ask that you be sensitive to the needs of yourself and others.

Some people choose to swim naked and occasional nudity will be seen elsewhere.