Convergence 2023

The Convergence Festival 2023 is going ahead this year
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Convergence was founded on the principles of community and sustainability and today follows those ideals. Organic, GE free vegetarian food is provided for lunch and dinner and included in your entry ticket price. Vegan and special diets are also catered for. You will need to bring your own breakfast and food for snacks.

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Convergence is a uniquely co-created event where we strive to create community values of creative cooperation and collaboration. You’re all Co-Creators! We invite you to find your unique way of becoming involved within the community. The richness of Convergence is made up from the contributions of the attendees.

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Rules are kept to a minimum at Convergence, however there are a few rules we have found to be beneficial to the smooth running of the event. The event is alcohol and drug free. The site is dog free. We are eco-friendly. No money changes hands during the event. Smoking is requested to be off site. Please attend the event from the beginning. You may leave whenever you choose.



Workshops are offered during Convergence at no cost to any attendee. These offer the opportunity for personal and or spiritual growth. To facilitate a workshop it is enough to have a significant interest or experience in the topic you bring to Convergence.

Convergence Festival

Convergence Festival
Co-creation - Creating the Event You Want

Convergence is a co-created event. People have the opportunity to organise or lead as they feel drawn to, which creates an organic experience that is different and valuable each time. Because of this Convergence challenges people's self-responsibility. In the real world you don't have to be responsible for yourself. There is always someone there to pick you up at the end of the day. That's not what Convergence is about, it’s about teaching respect and responsibility. If you want something to happen at Convergence then you start gathering support. If you don’t do it, it doesn’t happen. Convergence gives people who do not see themselves as natural leaders a chance to step up. Convergence is sometimes described as loose, but the structures are often not seen. People get worried about how things will happen because they don't see the invisible structures that underpin Convergence. It appears chaotic, but there is a wealth of experience held by all of those people that have attended Convergence before. The experienced attendees are often in the background allowing others to participate and co-create the community for the time we are together. While the first year for some people may seem overwhelming just finding your way around and rushing from workshop to workshop, it does not have to be with the option to just hangout available as well. Convergence happens because volunteers contribute as they choose to and people do what they are passionate about or interested in. Magically the food gets prepared, the children occupied, entertainment is organised, workshops are run, maintenance is done, fires are stoked, rituals are offered, souls are soothed and connections happen. The beauty of co-creation is that things still get done. Some things are held and happen year after year, while other things are let go. Any gaps will be filled as they appear. There is wisdom in the crowd creating Convergence together.

  • Some people attend Convergence just for the food. As much as possible food is prepared from scratch by a strong kitchen team and plenty of volunteers. Organic, GE free, Vegeterian food is provided for lunch and dinner. You will need to bring your own breakfast and snacks.

  • During the day there will be many opportunties to learn new things. You could: Chill out to music or singing bowls, Stretch yourself with some yoga, Dance or drum, Learn to massage, Explore your inner child or inner demons, Hang out in talking circles, Unleash your creativity or Share a guided meditation. There are heaps of things to occupy your day.

  • Making the most of the long summer evenings the entertainment continues with team games, circo arts, music and entertainment from an incredibly talented array of musicians, DJs and performers. For those new to the stage the cabaret offers you the opportunity to explore your talents in a supportive environment.

  • Convergence is not aligned with any particular religious belief and welcomes people to bring and share their own beliefs or spiritual pathways. There will be opportunities to meditate, practice connection, mindfulness or energy work, a 12 step meeting, bathe in the river or burn away your fears in the sauna.