20 June 2015


Main event

Convergence 27th Dec – 3rd January

Autumn Mini Gathering

In March or April we gather and contribute to the continual upgrading and maintenance of the Journeys End Camp site.  Usually we will prepare firewood for winter, which may include felling trees, cutting rounds, splitting and stacking wood.  Other tasks will be completed as requested by the Journeys End Camp Committee. The blackberries around the site can yield delicious berries at this time of year.   As at the main event we share meals and meet in a circle or chat about the event that has just been completed.

Mid Winter Mini Gathering

In the middle of winter July or August we gather to share meals, fun, laughter and our stories.   No work is done on site at this time, however the collage may be created and discussion regarding the theme may take place.

Spring Mini Gathering

In spring we again visit the site to continue maintenance and upgrading of the site, in consultation with the Journeys End camp committee.  Pendants for the upcoming event can be made at this gathering, though in the last few years people have stepped forward to make these where they live.   Thoughts turn to the organisation of the upcoming event and ordering supplies as well as choosing the theme if this has not yet been created.

December Site Prep

Mowing the site works well about 2 weeks prior to Convergence.  This ensures that the grass is short enough, particularly when wet, but has a chance to regrow before the event and does not then get trampled into dust. At the start of the event pathways and a playing field are often mowed.   It is also a good time to create the swimming holes for the event.  If these are created too soon a heavy rain can break the dam.  This gathering will often occur during the week as the weekends are heavily booked at this time of year.