Ticket Prices

Abundance Donation

You are invited to tune into ‘abundance’ – for yourselves and for Convergence. We invite people this year to have an abundance mentality when paying for their Convergence ticket – to additionally give whatever they feel abundant to give above the base fee. A person’s abundance may only be $2 or it could be $500 or more if they are feeling particularly abundant and are easily able to manifest  more. This money could then be used to cover rising costs and generally help in other abundant ways. We also ask that those with abundant gardens and kitchens bring along treats such as strawberries, muffins etc. to share during the set up time before the official opening.

3 – Tier Pricing

Supporting Early Bird Purchasing

Earlybird (Available from 1st Nov until 30th Nov)

Available from 1st November

Youth (19 - 25)
Teenager (13-18)
Accompanied by a supervising Adult
Child (6 - 12)
Child (3 - 5)
Child (0-2)

Standard (1st Dec until 20th Dec)

Available from 1st December

Youth (19 - 25)
Teenager (13-18)
Accompanied by a supervising Adult
Child (6 - 12)
Child (3 - 5)

Gate Sales

(Ticket sales after 20th Dec)

Youth (19 - 25)
Teenager (13-18)
Accompanied by a supervising Adult


If you are unable to attend the event Ticket Refunds may incur a 25% fee

Contact us for more information about tickets or workshops.

LUNCHES + DINNERS (29th Dec – 3rd Jan)

Conditions of Entry

In alignment with true sharing Journeys End Campground is an alcohol and drug free site. It is also a dog free camp site.

It is a site at which all persons are honoured and respected at all times.

When taking photographs please ensure you have permission of those you are photographing.

Every adult is asked to be responsible for their own safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of children in their care.

All participants are asked to arrive either on 27th or 28th December ready for the Opening Ceremony on the morning of 29th December. Some may not be able to stay the entire time with us, we ask that you be present on 29th Dec for the opening ceremony and community building activities. Be there as we begin to form our community.  We want to avoid the dilution of energy that occurs when people are coming and going.

Convergence is a smoke-free event. For those that wish to; please smoke outside the campsite boundary.

There is no need to exchange money for any services after the ticketing tent. 

Convergence is a co-created event

We thank you for assisting with set-up, and the daily activities associated with running the event including:

  • Meal preparation / clean-up
  • Serving Meals
  • Facilitation
  • Cleaning toilets / showers
  • Recycling
  • Composting

We also thank you for helping with the pack-up after the event.

Convergence is a uniquely  co-created event where we strive to create community values of creative cooperation and collaboration. We are a family; a community. We ask that you be sensitive to the needs of yourself and others.

Some people choose to swim naked and occasional nudity will be seen elsewhere.


Available from the 1st November


Payment Details

Between 1st Nov & 20th Dec there are four ways to make payment:

  1. Online Internet banking
  2. Credit card online
  3. Deposit cash at Westpac
  4. Cash on arrival

After 21st Dec ticket payment is by CASH ONLY at the gate on 27th or 28th Dec – correct amount is appreciated. After 21st Dec no Registration is required, or possible. Just show up at the gate.

If registering before 21st Dec then details required for each person are:

Name of each person, Age of children (0-18), Physical Location for database, Phone number/s

  1. Internet Banking

Once You Have Completed Registration Form

Transfer payment to Westpac Bank,

Name: Convergence NZ Trust

Account Number:  03-1592-0583338-00

Please use the name from the registration form as a reference

  1. Credit Card Payments

This facility is only available until 20th Dec.

Once You Have Completed the Registration Form

Please click on Credit Card Payments
and select tickets from the drop down menus.

  1. Deposit Cash at Westpac

Once You Have Completed the Registration Form

Go to any Westpac Branch

Name of Account:Convergence NZ Trust

Branch:  Canterbury Centre

Account Number: 03-1592-0583338-00

Reference: Please ask the teller to enter the NAME from the registration form as a reference (or Phone number )

  1. Cash On Arrival

When completing the Registration Form you can choose to pay cash at the gate.

Payment must be cash – preferably the correct amount (no cheques or creditcards accepted)

Gate Sales this is the only payment option available.

Credit Card Payments

Available from 1st November.

Select the tickets required and then click “Continue Shopping” to add additional tickets. Once you have completed entering the details, then click “View Cart” and “Proceed to Checkout” to enter your credit card payment. You can also delete tickets on the “Shopping Cart” page if you have made a mistake. You do not require a Paypal account to pay and can pay using a valid credit card. Click “continue” next to credit card symbols.

Convergence Adult’s Ticket

Select the Adult ticket or youth ticket, if aged 19 – 25 (id will be required at the gate).

Fill in the name used on the Registration Form

Then click “Add to Cart” button.

Click “Continue Shopping” to add more people.

Convergence Child’s Ticket (0 – 18)

Select the correct ticket for the child from the drop down list.

Click “Add to Cart” button.

Click “Continue Shopping” to add more people.

NOTE: All 0 – 18 year olds must be accompanied by an Adult / Caregiver.

Convergence Abundance Donation

All donations over $5.00 will receive a Donation receipt upon request, which can be claimed in your income tax.

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